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Koujaku DMMd re:connect Good Ends Translation - Pastebin.com

So it’s finally done!! Please read this post before reading the translations! :}

It’s laid out like this: Beginning, Choice 1, Choice 2, End. I labeled everything, so if you search for “choice” you can jump to the choice, search “1” or “2” you can jump to the first choice or second choice, and search “end” and you can jump to the end.

Please keep in mind that it is my first time translating. A lot of things are a little awkward and I would like to make a disclaimer: that’s that way Japanese is. I really thought through these translations. Some sentences seem longer than they should be, more condensed and a little awkward. Believe me, I of all people know. However, I didn’t want to change much. I didn’t want to take away from the beautiful narration so I wanted to include as much as I could. Also, if I had taken the time to think through ways to make it flow better and more “English-like” my editing would seriously have taken days, and I didn’t want to keep anyone waiting any longer.

That being said, everything is understandable, I think. Usually I am open to constructive criticism, but in this case I think I would not really like criticism, because I know the flaws in this translation more than anyone else. It’s not something that would be published, I know. But in any case, I think my language is good enough. I translated every little bit and made sure not to leave anything out, which is an accomplishment when translating from Japanese. So please keep that in mind when you read through.

However, if something does not make any sense at all or you think is translated incorrectly, please please please point it out to me and I will edit it! I am not adverse to that kind of help!

Anyway, comments are great! I would love to know who reads this and who utilizes it! (It ended up being 33 pages omg it’s a lot XD I wonder how the other routes will compare in length…) I will start Koujaku’s bad end shortly and will keep you all up to date on that!

Thank you so much for waiting and I hope that you all enjoy!

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